Many days I look back and consider just how far I’ve come! I still have so much to learn, and I see every experience as a new opportunity to grow my brand and hone my craft. I’ve had several requests for mentoring, and I wanted to make this available to those who may be interested! I would love to share the ideas, inspiration, and strategies that have grown my little business into what it is today: a full-fledged brand and true photography experience. I’m humbled and grateful, and I’m eager to share my business's ups and downs, just as my own mentors have done for me!


Two Hour Custom Mentorship

We will focus on learning the fundamentals of photography. Here are some of the topics we will cover: Review and critique of your portfolio, your gear and software, lighting and posing, marketing, your website, and running your business.


Two hours Mentorship PLUS

Includes everything in the two hour package, PLUS a 1-hour photo shoot! I will guide you through how I run a shoot, and help you with hands-on equipment and posing teaching. It’s a great way to learn as we shoot together.


Full day Mentorship

This includes the above items, but gives you much more of my personal time to tackle all the topics that you would like! My decade of business lessons (and mistakes!) will be put to good use as we work together on a custom photoshoot with a model.



Random little photo shoots that will be relaxed, fun and educational!

A photo walk is an organized social activity where photographers take pictures of their surroundings and create collections of interesting photos

Coming Soon!


Lightroom Starter

2 hours - We will focus on Adobe Lightroom and the way I use it to organize, cull and quickly edit photos for color, exposure and contrast.


Lightroom Advanced

2 hours - We will focus on the advanced aspects of Adobe Lightroom. We will dive into radial and linear gradients, healing brush, color isolation and a few hidden tricks Ive learned over the years.


Photography 101

4 Hours - Well start with the basics with the goal of getting you shooting in manual mode. Well talk about the exposure triangle, white balance, JPG vs RAW (advantages and disadvantages) along with other basic concepts.