Dance Photography

My relationship with dance photography started long before I ever picked up a camera. My mom was a professional dancer and as a kid, I would always go to her dance class and rehearsals. My place during class was sitting on the piano bench with an old lady who played piano for the class. I remember that she smoked A LOT while she played and put her cigarettes out in one of those bean-bag style ashtrays that sat next to the keys of the piano. None of this has a thing to do with dance photography but it does explain my appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes to become an accomplished dancer. The hours of training usually starting at a very young age, pushing their body to its limits. I consider dancers to be athletes and artists at the same time. From my place, on the piano bench, I also began to understand and see the lines that the dancers would create. I began to understand what "looked" good.

Flash forward 35 years and my daughters are in dance class and their school needed a photographer. I've spent 12 years since then creating elegant dance portraits with a distinctive style that has matured through the years. Blending editorial, fashion, and fine art with bold colors and dramatic lighting to highlight the dancers' features. From action shots to staged portraits I capture their accomplishments.

Whether you're a dance company, dance school, studio, dance brand or a freelance dancer have no fear, with me, you'll be in good hands.