I believe with all my soul that human trafficking is the most disgusting and absolute worst crime in the world and it has to be stopped NOW!  It is more crucial than ever to support the causes closest to our hearts. I'm passionate about DeliverFund and I’ve seen our community rally when we are called to and I hope you will join me in supporting this organization’s tireless work taking down human traffickers and #crushingevil 

Starting today JMK Photography and Kalispell Headshots will donate 10% of every photo session to Deliver Fund. If you feel called to make an additional donation to support the fight against human trafficking you can click the link above and make a donation to The Flathead Fights Back team. 100% of all donations will go directly to Deliver Fund! 

Dollar-for-dollar, human trafficking in America is far worse than it is overseas. It is a market that is growing exponentially, putting $975 million in the pockets of human traffickers every year.

Criminals can order an underaged girl to their house as easily as they can order a pizza—by cellphone. The proliferation of technology has made it easier for human traffickers to search for and groom potential victims. 

But at DeliverFund, they are using the same technology that human traffickers use to scale their business to tear down their networks. Their founders and staff have decades of experience from their careers in the CIA, NSA, Special Operations, and law enforcement, and leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking.

They are partners with law enforcement, who are on the front lines of this battle against human traffickers. They know the realities of the problem, the size, and scope, the uphill battle that it is against evil and malicious foe. They’ve been in the trenches, fighting alongside law enforcement, and they have learned about human trafficking in the US.

Deliver Fund is entirely funded by the generous donations of the public, and the life-saving technologies supplied by many forward-thinking corporations who are looking to turn the enemy’s technologies against them. If traffickers touch the internet, they will find them!