You have been waiting for years to be a senior…

and you’ve finally made it! As you enter into this fast-paced time of your life, this will be one of the most memorable years you will ever look back on. With that being said, your senior session is an absolute must-do!

Your senior images will be forever published in the yearbook, displayed on the walls of your friends and family’s homes, and shared to hundreds, maybe thousands via social media!

Your senior photo experience can be one of the most memorable photo shoots you will ever have. It’s my privilege to capture who you are at this moment in your life: your dreams, your passions and personal style! Capturing what is important to you is the most important focus.  

Highlight what you love…

Capturing, who you are is my focus.  Everyone is different, and we want to showcase that!  If you have any activities or have that you love, I can incorporate them into your photo session.  Not only does this tell everyone who you are as an individual, but it is also something parents want to cherish as well. 

With my experience and your star quality, together we’ll capture images that you’ll love forever.

Senior portrait sessions start at $175